Monday, December 13, 2010

A wonderful surprise

Today we opened presents and what do I find is an empty box with a picture of Travel+Leisure magazine cover with Vienna as the main story. At the bottom there is a not... "Merry Christmas! You have won a short trip to the Vienna Christmas Market! 4 nights in Vienna Austria! on your way to Scotland" WTF I don't think I stopped smiling for at least an hour, my blood pressure shot through the roof and my face turned beat red from the blood rushing to my head. Austria 4 days. They had be planning this for months and kept it from me. I cant believe Ill not only be going to Scotland but Austria. How could this have ever happened to me. After all the bad stuff there really is a light at the end of the tunnel, its just a long tunnel with a plane to get out.


We were having a family dinner for the first time since I have moved out with my roommate AJ. It would be the first of many that I have with his family. So we are all sitting there waiting for the waiter to return to take our orders, the conversation seemed to take a turn to a topic that I could in no way relate. They were talking about Europe and all the places they have seen. Why, because I had never traveled out of the south besides to Utah twice. I tried to join it but the only thing I would get to come out was, "It must be nice, I've always wanted to go to Germany". Debbie, AJ's mom, turns to me and says "would you like to go?" I laugh and reply OH YEA.

Now the reply to that was one that I would have never expected. She said OK we are taking AJ to Scotland as the deal for moving out, do you want to join. Well heck yea I would have loved to join, but I'm thinking I'm a college student that has no financial help from my parents are am in serious debt with student loans, and there would never be any way that I could come up with just a freaking plane ticket. She tried to tell me that they would pay. I felt so awkward. Here is this mom that I have not really become to know completely and shes just willing to pay and take me so I could see the world. So I negotiated, well asked, if I could pay as much as possible. So I payed for half the ticket and AJ the other half. So now I am off for my first trip over the vast ocean to see the world.